316 - Fighting Fair


While the concepts of a 'fair fight' and 'supervillainy' don't seem to go together, THE EUROPAN returns to share her very strong opinion on the subject.

Sponsored by: OKSatan & The Voice of Free Planet X

Written by: Christopher X. Morse

Performed by: Lesley Berkowitz

Music by: Kevin MacLeod

315 - Questionable Villainy


PROFESSOR BRAINFEVER takes time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions from fans of the podcast. You should thank him.

Sponsored by: The Melting Potcast & OKSatan 

Written & Produced by: Christopher X. Morse

Special thanks to August Grappin

Music by: Kevin MacLeod 

314 - Fresh Faced Villainy


BAD BABY makes his long overdue return to the show and gives some advice on embracing your strengths when committing the super evil. 

Sponsored by: Harry Heist Cleaners & 'Space Casey' Season 2 

 Written & Performed by: Christopher X. Morse 

 Music by: Kevin MacLeod

313 - Ray Gun Measuring Contest


TIME RAVELLER discusses the strangeness that happens when you date a coworker...and a villainous one at that.

Sponsored by: Gonnigan Getaways & The Roundtable Podcast

Written by: Christopher X. Morse

Performed by: David Stanger

Music by: Kevin MacLeod


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