Empire Building 101


In his hosting debut, Lord Balg of the 3rd Galactic Goblin Empire, gives his very growly advice on how to start your very own interstellar kingdom. So pay attention!

Sponsored by: Harry Heist's Hideouts

Music by: Kevin McLeod

Let’s Try Plan B


Chao-mancer returns and gives us his unique spin on back-up plans.

This week we're sponsored by GORT Brand Humanicide.

Music: Kevin McLeod

Hands On


Big Poppa, our resident evil business man, spends most of his time behind a desk. But in this week's episode he gives us a story of one of the few opportunities he's had to go toe-to-toe with a do-gooder.

Sponsored this week by Harry Heist's Henchmen For Hire.

Music: Kevin McLeod

Fashionable Fiends?


This week Professor Brainfever briefly dismisses 2012 apocalypse claims before talking about the fashion choice every supervillain should be making. Or at least, he tries...

Sponsored by Axelrod Solutions.

Music: Kevin McLeod


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