Winter Break


Professor Brainfever announces that the show will be on a short holiday break, but will be returning on January 7th, 2012 with a brand new episode. Comments or questions can be sent to, or you can follow us @VillainCorner.

Music by Kevin McLeod

The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together


Spine Tingler returns for yet another holiday-themed episode of Supervillain Corner, discussing the value for villains in spending time with their families.

Sponsored by Harry Heist's Hideouts

Music by Kevin McLeod

Anecdotes from the Future #1


Time Raveller returns with a tale from another time. Sometimes. something as little as a bad job drive the best of us to supervillainy. Especially if the job gives us access to time travel.

Sponsored by: Harry Heist's Hideouts

Music: Kevin McLeod

Dealing with UnDeath


It had to happen eventually. Professor Brainfever sits down and gives us the pros and cons of everyone's favorite undead ghouls, the zombies.

Sponsor: Axelrod Solutions

Music: Kevin McLeod


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