Giving Thanks


Even a villain has to give thanks, and the returning Chao-mancer shares with us what he's grateful for this holiday season.

Music: Kevin McLeod

Investment Advice


Who else but Big Poppa could be on the show this week to talk about the proper investments that you as a supervillain need to make. If you want to succeed, that is...

Once again sponsored by our good friends at Harry Heist's Henchmen for Hire.

Music: Kevin McLeod

Bad Boys Gone Good


Professor Brainfever starts the show off with some villainous news before telling us how the unthinkable can happen: when and why a villain should help a hero.  Sponsored by GORT Brand Humanicide. Music: Kevin MacLeod.

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Villain Vacations or Hero Holidays?


This week's episode is hosted by Spine Tingler, who takes time away from honing his deadly tricks and traps and gives us his opinion on Halloween, and whether or not villains should work that night or take a break.

Sponsored by: GORT Brand Humanicide

Music: Kevin MacLeod


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