Why Can’t We Be Friends?


This week, Professor Brainfever returns! After briefly explaining his month-long absence from the show, he gives tips on when it makes sense to team up with other villains, and when you should go solo. Music: Kevin MacLeod.

Your First Time


Financial expert and professional Southern supervillain Big Poppa hosts this week's episode. He discusses the pros and cons of legitimate and not-so-legitimate business, and shares a story of his first experience with a certain powerful lady.

The Expendable Ones


This week we're introduced to Chao-mancer, who presents his own unique take on henchmen and what they're good for. With apologies on behalf of Chao-mancer, we're once again sponsored by Harry Heist's Henchmen for Hire.

Trying Time Travel


This week's episode is hosted by The Time Raveller. After sharing with us how he started his own trips through time, he offers some advice on the subject to anyone out there who might have their own DeLorean. Great Scott! This episode is brought to us again by those wonderful people at Harry Heist's Henchmen for Hire.

The Villain’s Motive


In this episode of Supervillain Corner our host, Professor Brainfever, tells us a little about himself before giving advice on understanding motive. This episode is sponsored by Harry Heist's Henchmen for Hire. Music: Kevin MacLeod.


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